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Published: Friday August 2, 2013 MYT 12:00:00 AM
Updated: Friday August 2, 2013 MYT 9:02:39 AM

Consider all views, Fatwa Council told

PETALING JAYA: Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin has appealed to the National Fatwa Council to engage in discussion with more parties before making any decision to ban Muslim women athletes from taking part in competitive sports such as gymnastics and swimming.
“I hope they can get all the views before making such an important decision. This is a completely different issue from beauty contests,” he said yesterday.
It was reported that Penang mufti Datuk Seri Hassan Ahmad was quoted as saying the council might ban Muslim women from certain sports events, such as swimming and gymnastics, as it would expose their aurat, which was a similar fatwa issued on beauty pageants that recently caused a stir over the Miss Malaysia World 2013 contest.
The issue is expected be raised at the council’s three-day committee meeting next month.
The news of a possible ban had sparked an uproar among sport officials with some arguing that such a move would “kill” the only few sporting events in which Malaysia excelled at.
Khairy, who is also the Rembau MP, said that any move to ban female Muslim athletes from sports would be extremely dangerous.
“It is just backward if they impose a fatwa to ban (Muslim) women athletes from certain sports,” he said.
When asked if the ministry would consider introducing a separate dress code for Muslim female athletes to allow them to take part in sports, he said they would not want to impose unnecessary ruling for women.
“It will be a slippery road if we try to impose something like that. It is like the ministry is forcing women to wear tudung. It will be unfair,” he said.

Ahh the news of the Star for today. To me this news is funny the outburst of khairi unwarranted as it was the fault of UMNO under Tun Mahathir which leads to this dilemma.I have written numerous time that fatwa is advisory to make it law smack of ridiculousness. Because there are many things at present which can be considered haram thus can be fatwa and become law.Do anyone of you know there is a fatwa against valentine's day yoga and smoking? And are you aware a fatwa was issued against visiting places that sell alcohol so you can't visit 7 eleven or tesco for that matter, what about people working in the bank? If fatwa is law than you have lots people to catch. i hope they issue a fatw on dress code and catch all the MPs and State assmbly woman for not wearing tudung. How i wait in glee!!!  




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