Thursday, March 29, 2007

this piece was written to a friend send today by email.

Din thanks for all the emails. Well trouble with our friends they are afraid to look at their faith to question is anathema. Din when we were young( I am not saying I am old) we were taught so much about Rukun Iman and Rukun Islam. The pillars of faith( Rukun Iman) applies to all believers. To me it is the litmus test for us. We were taught to believe in God, Apostle, Angels, in Fate, and the Armegeddon. Regardless whether you are a Christian, Hindus (Surprise!) Jews, Zoaraster or Muslim believe in this thing is important. I know we always associated hindus with many gods but true hinduism only believe in one. The others are manifestation of his powers. Just like Zoaraster (Majusi) it is among the first Monoestic religion as old as the jewish religion although we were taught they believe in fire. And if you believe in Islam, to me, it is the apex evolution in believing in God. That is why Surah Quhuallah is one third of the Quran and not Surah Fatihah which is ummi Al Quran. That is why for us Muslim the biggest Sin is always have been menduakan Tuhan or Syirk against him. This faith is what bind us believers for we cannot touch God, even though we know he exist nor show proof that Angels exist. How do we? Even the prophets life too, I think this is God's way, we sometime cannot verify his apostle existence except for Muhammad even then could we verify his hadiths? We were not there to hear him speak, there is no tape recorder which could tape his voice but we believe by faith alone. We believe the hadiths are true as told by Bukhari and Tarmidzi, two of the biggest compiler of hadiths. Yet of the volume of hadiths 1,000,000,00 odd only 7,0000 were deem to be authentic, less than 7%, were collected by Bukhari. Yet one of the authenticated hadiths state clearly never to compile his words, yet we don't obey,do we? In his last Haji he says he leaves you two things Alquran and Sunnah follow them and you never go wrong. He never says hadiths he says Sunnah, which is two different thing. Don't get me wrong Din, Sunnah doesn't mean how he drinks and eat, or what he wear but that is the preoccupation with our brothers, they take it too literally. To me Sunnah means what he is,his manners, his ideas his thoughts,his values for following that you cannot go wrong yet time and again we don't. We slander people, most behave like munafik, instead of Amanah we cannot be trusted yet we swagger like a prize cock thinking we are the chosen one as the Jews who were condemn by God. As Muslim we must carry that pillar of faith that bind us with other religion but we also have pillars of Islam too that divide us from the other believers. These is the Shahadah the first and all important one where we accept Mohammad as the messenger of God prayers fasting pay alms and go to Hajj. The Shahadah to me is the most important thing being a Moslem is all about, all others is secondary. Some might argue but this is my belief. You need not pay alms need not fast or need not go to hajj if there are reasons. Prayers is personal, you have to pray but it is a personal conversation with god so it is personal but not the Shahadah. Hasnah might commit apostate but to me alhamdullilah she still have faith. It is not us to argue or made a stand that she might go to hell for it is not us who decide. The Pillars of Faith that we subscribe to prevent us from being the judge and jury for there is God who will decide.
This might be a bore Din, but in the hadiths told by Aishah r.a. That Muhammad during his last days would pray until his feet was swollen. And when she ask why Muhammad are you not the prophet whom has been promise heaven his answer was curt,true but I still pray for I fear god's wrath. So did Muhammad say all those kind of things against Christian and Jews during his deathbed, I do not know, to me highly unlikely, because I base on his sunnah he is not like that. Did he said it, maybe, does it matter, did it damage the man regarded by TIME as the greatest leader that the world has produce, the answer is no. Din we can find fault with anybody if we want too. Muhammad is a human being. He was and idiot who with some miracle of God receive the revelation. Idiot here means stupid or illiterate I am no way pandang rendah dekat dia but the point is he was an idiot. That I think is one of the biggest mukjizat that I can think off, how come an idiot can come out with such a compelling book the world has ever seen. I got a book by Karen Armstrong, it is ban here as usual. She, a former nun, now a serial monotheist, in her book journey to find God it 's evolution, is a wonderful piece of knowledge. Try to get the book and try to get me the book that she wrote about Muhammad. I think it is a good piece to read, again ban here too. Sayang. She didn't condemn Muhammad at all but what she wrote is about Muhammad the Man. A very unbiased view from an unbeliever, I need to read it. What I got is from condensation .If you come here please buy me one. Forget what people say about others, as long as they have faith, it is ok. We as muslim have own dogmas, as long as we could respect others and not start condemning others we are on the right track. Protect God's covenant and commandment we'll be alright.


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